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May 28, 2016

Hello AaA Fans. Glad to see you're back for another installment of your favorite Podcast. In this episode of Amps and Axes, the guys start out with a little discussion about last week's guest, Mr. Batio. Then a mention of yet another couple souls in the music biz called back home; Former drummer of Megadeath, Nick Menza, who BTW passed of heart failure at an OHM gig at The Baked Potato and a local Baltimore friend Boo Valdez, who was recently stage manager for Toto and tour manager for All That Remains. Too many, Too soon! Then it's on to the guest of the week; An Iconic guitar player who is also as much into designing, modifying and building amps and pedals as he is into playing (and actually goes into a good bit of detail about it). He also had a little group you may have heard of called Mahogany Rush, so please help us welcome the one and only Frank Marino! Enjoy!