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Aug 30, 2018

Enjoy some Best OF while we are retooling the show...


Hello AaA Fans and Happy 2017. Welcome to yet another installment in the adventure we call Amps and Axes. In this episode, the guys begin by touching base on the New Year's Eve debacle by some singer named Mariah Carey. They would not normally bring up such a blunder unless a musician was involved but there is a local tie to the event. We'll hear firsthand from Ms. Meredith Marx, whose father is the owner of MSI, the international sound company that has done this event for the past 17 years. Then it's on to the guest of the week. This man is an incredible player in his own right, but if that wasn't enough, he is also one of the most comical product demo artists on the planet whose humor translates through his incredible playing style, so buckle up and enjoy the ride with the Gristle Man himself, Mr Greg Koch. Enjoy!!