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Oct 1, 2016

Hello Cast Cohorts and welcome to another Amps and Axes adventure. In this episode the guys make mention of some crazy DJ vs Guitar Solo video (I mean, how are those two things even in the same sentence, right?), then there is a mention about Kiefer Sutherland currently being a Country Music performer (well okay). Then there's a totally self-promotional plug for their new "This Week in Music" Podcast, which you should probably check out. And then it's on to the guest of the week. A player who's played with some very notable players such as, Gilby Clark and Slash and his own band called Roxie 77. He has also for the better part of the last 20 years, shared the stage with a performer who has been putting on a real "Show" for many decades, so press GO and please welcome to the cast, guitarist for Alice Cooper, Mr. Ryan Roxie. Enjoy!!!